Real-Time Resume Posting ReportTo easily access each job posting site you’re posted on, we provide a Real-Time Resume Posting Report for you, which includes:

  • A link list of where your resume was posted.
  • Auto-Logon links that instantly log you into each site.
  • Your usernames and passwords for each site.
  • The status of each site (“posting” or “pending”).

Career Site Auto-Login LinksOn your Real-Time Posting Report, there is a link to quickly log-in to each site we post you to. In most cases clicking on that link will automatically log you in to that particular career site. This makes visiting the career sites and modifying your resume a breeze!

Job Search Email AccountIf you’re not careful, posting your personal email address on the Internet can give rise to unwanted spam. For your protection we setup a new Job Search Email account for you on our servers that we use when posting your resume online.

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Spam FilteringAll email sent to your job search email account will go through our spam filtering servers before being forwarded to you. While no spam filtering technique is 100% foolproof, our service eliminates most non job-search related email.

Virus ProtectionBefore being forwarded, your email will also go through our virus protection servers, which are updated daily to detect over 31,000 viruses, worms and trojans. By utilizing dual layer virus blocking, compressed file scans and file type blocking, our anti-virus engine provides complete virus protection.

Job-Mail: Web Based Email ServiceAs part of your resume promotion services, you will receive a free web-based email account used in promoting your resume. This keeps your job related email in one place and out of your primary email box. Features include 24×7 web access and the ability to read, write, reply, delete and organize email messages. The service also has an online calendar for scheduling interviews and a simple address book to store job opportunity contacts.

Free Resume CritiqueAs part of your service, we will automatically forward your resume to a professional resume writer. You will receive an honest, insightful and fully customized resume review via email with suggestions on how you might improve it.

A Tool for Successful Job SeekersOur service was established in 1999 to take much of the work out of finding a great job. Our plan was simple: Design a service we’d want to use ourselves. Since then we’ve posted over 1 million resumes for over 500,000 very happy customers.