Resume distribution is an effective way to find a job. Put your resume in the hands of thousands of targeted recruiters and hiring companies that have current job openings. They are waiting for your resume now.

The Problems  :

  • Many potential employer do not advertise on jobboards
  • Difficulty in locating employer contacts
  • Its Time Consuming to submit resume to each employer
  • Its boring & Monotonous task
  • You have better thing to do like doing a part-time job or spending time with family

The Solutions:

  • we will search and hunt for prospective employers for the industry for you
  • Electronic Resume Posting: on up to 89 job search websites.
  • we will use Special Search Algorithm to locate prospective employer based on your  skill , experience, industry and preference.
  • submit for you to employer with special email.
  • we do not spam the employer and get your email blocked
  • Massive Exposure: to over 1.5 million employers & recruiters.
  • Job Search Report: of all job sites your resume was posted to.
  • Job Matches by Email: of new job opportunities and job listings.
  • Spam Protection: keeps your personal email box safe.
  • Identity Protection: posts your resume information confidentially.

Promotion Now :

  • We offer 7 days  Free resume distribution trial
  • Free ResumeBuilder!
  • If you dont get a response within 10 days.
  • No Money Back Guarantee if you dont get a response!

We have been helping many fresh graduates, professional candidates to find jobs in a matter of days